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Friday Stats

High: 50.78
Low: 50.29
Close: 50.66

Daily Pivot Points

R2: 51.06
R1: 50.85
PP: 50.58
S1: 50.38
S2: 50.09

Major Daily Events Monday

Quiet Data Day

@HeidsterTrades Daily Commentary - 9/25/2017

Good morning! Oil prices are flat now. Last night Trump imposed the travel ban on North Korea, we will see where that gets us in the long run, guessing more insult slinging. The Iraqi Kurds are going through with their independence vote and oil prices are still range bound for the moment. The Kurdish vote could move prices later a bit. In other news, the National party won in New Zealand (this party was expected to win and had been in power previously) and Merkel won the German elections, althogh it was an overall weak win. Also, Chinese demand is expected to decline over the coming months and China has decided to restrict crude delivery to North Korea. That said, North Korea news is not expected to ove oil prces unless they actually start bombing other nations, then, depending on the nation prices could move. Targets to the upside are; 50.72, 50.86, 51.10 and 51.37. To the downside; 50.42, 50.27, 50.09 and 40.90. Have a great Monday!

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